Welcome Back Kate Mansi!

Welcome Back Kate Mansi!

Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

The role of Abigail DiMera is now being played by Kate Mansi. She took the role back from Marci Miller, who did a phenomenal acting job.  According to published reports, both actresses have revealed why they made the move they’ve made, with some fans thrilled and others devastated.

For Miller, who began on DAYS in 2016, it was a tough decision and one that began almost a year ago when she was in the throes of shooting the Abby’s alters story.

Marci Miller’s nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress reel.

It was hard work, and before it even aired, she had earned a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress. Breaking into that club is nearly impossible and certainly not done by someone who is so new. Miller grabbed the attention of Academy members, and she’s hoping to parlay that outside of soaps. That’s why no amount of money would have made her stay.

It just came down to wanting her freedom to try other projects and other roles. The fact that they brought back Mansi was great for her because she more than anyone understands how hard it is to let Abby go.

For Mansi, who played Abby from 2011 until 2016, the timing simply happened to be right. She never thought she’d get the chance to play the character again and has a great deal of respect for what Miller has done with the character.

In fact, Miller filled her in on what happened and has offered to help if Mansi has any questions moving forward. The two have been commenting on each other’s Instagram posts.

Mansi is very excited by the scripts and everyone hopes she will extend her stay with the show. She certainly seems to be enjoying herself, so perhaps that happen. So, welcome back Kate Mansi!

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