Days Horton Christmas Ornaments

We all enjoy the holidays especially when it comes to watching The Hortons, family and friends hang their Horton Christmas ornaments. Though, some have been broken a time or two, they are still part of the festivities at Jennifer Horton’s home. Let’s take a look at past Horton Christmas ornaments as they were hung on the tree in years gone by. FYI: a few are also available as jigsaw puzzles. Just click the link below that image.

Hortons Christmas Ornaments

It all started with Tom and Alice Horton. Consequently, their tradition has carried through the years. Certainly. every generation will gather in the Horton home to hang their ornaments and their loved ones who are no longer with them in Salem. Seen here Mickey and Alice.

Therefore, here is a Days tradition of ornaments. But, this one can be done as a jigsaw puzzle! Just click on the link below it.


Alice Horton

Caroline Brady


Daniel Jonas


This one can be done as a jigsaw puzzle. Click the link under the image.








This image can be done as a jigsaw puzzle. Just click the link below the image.


Zach’s ornament

Assorted ornaments can be done as a jigsaw puzzle. Click the blue link below this image.



Will, Sonny & Ari’s can be done as a jigsaw puzzle. Click the link below this image.


Hence, Victor is like the grumpy old Grinch. Similarly, they still think to include him!

Certainly, there are more ornaments not shown here. Most importantly, they all still manage to get out on the tree. Usually family members by family members. And the broken ones get replaced. Above all, a great Horton Christmas ornament tradition we all look forward to watching! Thanks Days!!!



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