TRUTH TOLD! Days is NOT Cancelled!

Truth told here! A big time television gossip show reported that the entire cast of Days of our Lives was fired and that Days will be no loner.

When TMZ took a story and ran with it, it aired that days of our Lives has fired all the actors under contract. Some of the actors took to social media claiming this is a false accusation and false report. TMZ should be held accountable and air a retraction in my opinion!

This false report got all kinds of attention…for all the wrong reasons.  Here is what happened.

Truth told here!

Days of our Lives has always taken a Christmas break called their “hiatus”.  Days also tapes like 6 months into the show. The actors and employees have been super busy and therefore, taped 8 month into the beloved show.

1 Year Jump

Days of our Lives  did something very bold and daring but, it panned out for them. They took a one year jump when Jennifer Deveraux went into a coma after being pushed off the balcony by princess Gina.  When she awoke, Jack had flipped the hourglass given to him by John and Marlena, 365 times consequently,  John used an hourglass when Marlena slipped into her coma.

So many changes occurred in that one year jump! We see now that Kristin and Bradys baby died, Kristin and Lani are in Europe as nuns, Will is in jail sharing a cell with Ben due to admitting he accidently killed Adrienne in a car accident, Marlena went away which gave Princes Gina the ability to move in as roommates with John, Abigail & Chad came home and we learn or are made th think  Stefano is alive and in Salem!  Also, Doug’s Place became “Julie’s place” serving  better health choice foods. Justin and Kayla are a couple since Steve and her divorced.  Sarah and Xander are a couple (I was hoping for that outcome!). Phew…there are more to mention but you get my drift of just how much can happen in one whole year.


While the NBC sudser has not been cancelled, the unprecedented — and decidedly ominous — move comes at a precarious time for ratings-challenged Days and the vanishing soap genre as a whole. It also comes as Sony Pictures Television and NBC are in negotiations to renew series.

Cast Speaks Out!

Here is what the cast has has to say!


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