Who Took Baby Mackenzie?

Little Mackenzie Horton, AKA Mickey Horton, debuted. She’s played by the May Twins. And they’re adorable, especially when hunky bad boy Xander Cook’s (Paul Telfer) cuddling them.

Baby Mackenzie…who took her?

Sarah Horton (Melissa Reeves) is  frantic over Mackenzie “Mickey” Horton’s disappearance. Sarah just turned around to return some money to a woman who dropped it in the square. When she turned back toward the stroller, Mickey was gone!

What Sarah doesn’t know is that this little money charade was arranged by Clyde Weston (James Read). He warned Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) that it was too late to stop his latest plot – and you can certainly see that’s true! Sarah will be a mess as she wraps her head around this missing Mickey mayhem. It won’t be long until she calls the cops as well as Xander Kiriakis (Paul Telfer), so that could help Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) out of her tight spot.

Xander grills Ciara. He’ll try to figure out what Ciara’s doing in his office, so she may come up with a flimsy excuse. There’s a good chance Xander will remain suspicious, but Sarah’s call about baby Mackenzie aka Mickey might save Ciara from more questions. Xander’s priority will definitely be supporting Sarah through this terrible crisis.

Meanwhile,  Clyde’s admission will horrify Ben. Clyde will come clean about ordering baby Mackenzie’s snatching, so Ben will immediately flip out. He’ll hear about Clyde’s plan to secure a confession from Xander and return the baby after it’s a done deal.

Clyde won’t end up sticking to that plan, but Ben will still hope he can somehow fix this for Sarah. He’ll call Ciara, explain what’s happening and count on her to handle things on the outside.

Remember…Clyde did time with Xander and Orpheus. They still have their connection!


But wait…did Xander switch out Kristen’s and Sarah’s babies by Victors command?!

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