Steve Johnson is New Revised Stefano!

Steve Johnson does come back to Salem! Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) was not recast as his role. We all remember him passing away back on December 8, 2016. Will this make Steve the new “Stevano?”

Steve Johnson becomes “Stevano!”

But instead  Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols)  is brainwashed with a chip planted inside his brain by Wilhelm Rolf and now is playing the legacy role!

This will really shake things up in Salem. Is “Steffy” really Patch in the chair in the warehouse? YES! And what will Sweetness think about this twist especially now that she is with Justin?

Steve Johnson

The man in the chair posing for the portrait Princess Gina’s (Kristian Alfonso) painting is none other than Steve Johnson aka Patch.

Of course, when clues began dropping about Stefano DiMera’s return, fans were furious! As well they should be. Joe Mascolo left big shoes to fill after his passing.

Steve Johnson


Patch won’t quite be himself. Steve will have all of Stefano’s memories as well. And then what will the fate of Marlena be consequently, Stefano was in love with his Queen of the Night.

Steve Johnson

“Stevano”even listens to opera and was playing chess with Chad today. Chad thinks it his Father!

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