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Stefan Gives Sami This EJ Lead!

Stefan gives Sami a lead on EJ. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Sami just wants a good lead on where EJ is. Stefan needs funds to dump into his diminishing company because stocks are going down. The company is losing money and Sami has the DiMera funds to give back. Kind of a tit-for-tat situation. She is […]

Brady Continues Gaining Kristen’s Trust

Brady Continues Gaining Kristen’s Trust Jigsaw Puzzle Time! As Brady beds Kristen, he continues to gain her trust. Kinda like “sleeping with the enemy” but for positive results. Oh Brady, what are you getting yourself into!? He tells Kristen he will leave town with her. Hence, he has nothing right going on in Salem for […]

Eric Reunites With Nicole!

Eric reunites with Nicole! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! YES, Eric finally reunites with Nicole! Eric knocks and Nicole’s door and she opens in shock to see him. She soon closes it and says he can not be there. She finally allows him in for “five minutes” she said. her picks up one of Holly’s fluffy stuffed […]

Mimi Lockhart Returns To Salem!

Mimi Lockhart returns to Salem! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! YAY. Mimi Lockhart returns to Salem! Come to find out, the baby that Bonnie has is her daughter Mimi’s. Lucas got the run around trying to find his daughter. After he went to see his child, nobody was at that address. He ran Bonnie back to Salem P.D. […]

OMG, Did Kristen Really Convince Brady?

Kristen tries to convince Brady to run away with her. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! First of all, Kristen shows up on Brady’s door step to, hence,  convince him she is the right woman for him. Because, all others he has loved,  for better part of a word, crapped on him. Also, she tells him she will […]

Will Furthers His Commitment To Paul

Will furthers his commitment to Paul. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! As Paul lies in the hospital bed, he worries about Will’s commitment to him. First of all, he gets a visit unexpectedly from Eve, because, she is looking for Brady. As a  result, after she leaves, in comes Brady. Paul discusses this commitment  with Brady. Finally,  […]

Revenge! Kristen’s After Marlena!

Revenge! Kristen’s After Marlena! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Kristen prepares to exact her revenge on Marlena! First of all, Kristen taunts Marlena with her jealousy and reasons she hates her so much. Because, Marlena took John from her and then Brady too. Kayla shows up just in time to stop Kristen. She checks the monitors that […]

Kristen Bursts In Marlena’s Hospital Room!

Kristen Bursts In Marlena’s Hospital Room! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Kristen bursts in Marlena’s hospital room, ready to finish the job. When Hattie seen her she got all panicky denying she was Marlena.  After spilling her guts to Kristen, she realized this woman was not the target she was after. You would of thought that Kristen […]

Eve Makes a Huge Confession to Brady.

Eve makes a huge confession to Brady. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Jennifer went to the Salem Inn to give find Eric. She also has a confession to give! Eve and Brady are in their place at the Salem Inn and there is a knock at the door. It’s Jennifer asking to speak with Brady. He finally […]

All Hell Breaks Loose!

Eric confronts Brady, and all hell breaks loose! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! All hell breaks loose as soon as Brady opens the door. Eric is there to confront him about forcing Nicole to choose between him and Holly. Eric beats the snot out of Brady. Eve just knows her time is coming. Especially, since there is […]