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Ted Laurent Taunts Will & Sonny Even More!

Ted Laurent taunts the boys  with the secret letters. He is the person who sent one to Will! Does he really know what Will and Sonny did or is he just fishing for answers? Ted is not done yet with the boys though. Ted (Gilles Marini) will track down Sonny (Freddie Smith) and demand the […]

Leo Sparks Death, Somebody Else Knows!

Leo Sparks Dies Leo Sparks had many hidden secrets including  that’s this is not his real name. Vivian did not do enough background checks on him when she hired him to seduce and blackmail Sonny so that Titan would fail in the stock market.  Then when Kate took over where Vivian left off, she didn’t […]

Abigail’s Paternity Results Are In!

Gabi Switches the Paternity Results! Gabi (Camila Banus) is on a warpath and the paternity tests are in the playing field. Revenge is really what she wants to heal her wounds on Days of Our Lives since both Abigail and Stefan set her up and sent Gabi to prison.  After all, Gabi (Camilla Banus) was the one who […]

Is Days of our Lives on July 4th, 2018?

Is Days of our Lives on July 4th, 2018? YES! It is ON. Days of our Lives has always been on July 4th, our Independence Day. They celebrate (or used to) with an old fashioned picnic. Some now go down to the beach to swim and celebrate our 4th of July. Many memories were made […]

Sonny kills Leo to protect Will!

Sonny kills Leo to protect Will! When Leo found out Kate wants to drop the lawsuit which angers Leo. He is money hungry.  He messages  Sonny to meet up with him. He  turns to Sonny with a proposal of his own. Leo asks Sonny to marry him! Does he want to marry Sonny so after […]

Spoilers Pictures & Videos 6-4-2018

Days of Our Lives Fan Talk presents Melissa’s Days of Our Lives Spoiler Pictures & Video!   Be sure to catch Jen Lilley do Facebook LIVE Wednesday June 7, 2018 on our facebook page Days of Our Lives Fan Talk! She will be LIVE at 12:45 pm EST. We love Theresa on Days of Our Lives! […]

Arianne Zucker & Shawn Christian’s New Film

A psycho killer teenage girl will stop at nothing to replace her dead mother’s love. Ava Locklear, Arianne Zucker, Sierra Pond, Megan McGown, Cameron Gellman, Shawn Christian and Heather Ankeny star in this new 2018 film. Days of Our Lives Fan Talk wants to make sure you are all aware of this film so we […]

Days Daytime Emmy Winners and Awards!

Days of Our Lives Fan Talk would like to congratulate the Daytime Emmy Winners  from Days of Our Lives and it’s cast for doing such a fantastic job! NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” topped the Daytime Emmy Awards, capturing five trophies. Daytime Emmy Winners 2018 from Days of Our Lives Best Drama Series Days of Our […]

Daytime Emmy Presenters Include 4 DOOLs!

The 45th Daytime Emmy Presenters have been announced! This long line up of presenters and they include 4 of Days of Our Lives actors! Days of Our Lives Fan Talk are pleased to show you just which 4 of Days of Our Lives actors made the prestigious list! Some of the biggest and brightest stars […]