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Welcome Back Kate Mansi!

Welcome Back Kate Mansi! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! The role of Abigail DiMera is now being played by Kate Mansi. She took the role back from Marci Miller, who did a phenomenal acting job.  According to published reports, both actresses have revealed why they made the move they’ve made, with some fans thrilled and others devastated. For […]

Sami Begs DNA Testing For Mystery Man

Sami asks for Kayla’s help to prove the mystery man is EJ. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Sami begs Kayla to do a fingerprint to prove that the bandaged man is indeed EJ, the love of her life. It’s too risky for the man is burned 90% of his body. She then begs for a blood test […]

Belle’s Difficult Decision Regarding Marlena!

Belle faces a difficult decision regarding Marlena. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Certainly. what a difficult decision Belle has on her hands! She has to do the right thing and come fourth with Marlena’s will papers. Although, I get what Eric is saying. Maybe, give her a little more time before the plug is pulled. Hence, no […]

Kayla receives upsetting news about Steve.

Kayla receives upsetting news about Steve. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Roman goes in to inform Kayla some upsetting news that Steve has been arrested by the ISA hence, he was flown to Washington D.C. for espionage. Because, he was caught giving secret plans to other governments.  Furthermore,  who does Kayla think is behind this? Yes, Stefan. […]

Eve’s Dress Color: Pearl or White?

Eve and Jen argue over the pearl / white dress. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Wow, even at a wedding, Eve and Jennifer carried their feud on.  And because, it was over the attire that Eve wore. A white dress. No wait, Eve says it was a “pearl” colored dress. Hence, their battle of the tongue is […]

MAYHEM! Unexpected Wedding Chaos!

Marlena & John’s Wedding Turns To Mayhem! First off, John sustains a black eye from playing catch baseball with his son Paul in the Horton Square. Who does he remind you of here? Yes, Steve! The Eve and Jennifer Feud Meanwhile, in the square, Eve has words with Jennifer regarding the Nicole matter. Will jennifer […]

Will exposes Ted’s scheme to a stunned Kate.

Will exposes Ted’s scheme to a stunned Kate. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Will exposes to Kate that Ted is not who she thinks he is! Kate was stunned to hear that her new boy toy Ted was blackmailing Will and Sonny for millions of dollars. Kate told Ted he had to stop this and Ted declined […]

Wedding Dress Superstition

Marlena is upset when John sees her in her wedding dress. There is a superstition that the groom is never to see his bride in her wedding dress until she walks down the aisle. John walked in on Marlena when she was trying on her’s. She had a fit because of the old superstition. They are […]

Victor keeps Eve’s secret from Brady but…

Victor keeps Eve’s secret from Brady – but he wants something in return. Eve keeps a secret from Brady but today Victor said he’ll keep also Eve’s involvement hidden  from Brady too as long as he gets Brady to forgive him for botching  the drug set up with Theresa in the custody battle. Do you […]

Discover who is behind the notes about Leo’s death!

Sonny and Will discover who is behind the threatening notes about Leo’s death. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! The Boys discover who is sending those incriminating notes! Sonny was at breakfast with Adrianne and insisted on picking up the check. As he opened the check folder, inside was yet another note! He had to keep it away […]