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DOOL Soap Star Scam Victim on Social Media!

Days Soap Star Brady Black is Now Victim Of Social Media Scam! OH NO! Eric Martsolf is the victim of a social media scam and you may be too! Don’t fall for this scam! Eric Martsolf was asked by a Twitter follower if he was soliciting funds on another social media platform in order for fans […]

Ciara tries to reason with paranoid Ben.

Ciara tries to reason with paranoid Ben, who is hallucinating. (Jigsaw Puzzle Below) Ciara must reason with Ben when he is out of his medicine and starts to hallucinate. he thinks he sees and hears his dad Clyde Weston. Clyde is telling him that Ciara is a lair and he needs to kill her. She […]

Jeremy Horton and Stephanie Johnson July 4th

 Jeremy Horton and Stephanie Johnson  Trevor Donovan and Shelley Hennig Jeremy and Stephanie enjoying Bo & Hope’s 4th of July Party Enjoy this 4th of July jigsaw puzzle! Happy 4th of July from Days Of Our Lives Friends group on facebook…please join us!

Kayla opens up to Marlena about Stefan

Kayla opens up to Marlena about her deal with Stefan. Kayla finally opens up to someone about the deal she made with Stefan to get Steve  his bionic eyes and Marlena happens to be that someone. Click on the link below to do this image as a jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy! Make sure you join […]

Day’s Mimi: Farah Fath’s Pregnant!

Congratulations to Day’s Mimi… Farah Fath, is pregnant!   Farah Fath, who recently filmed again as DAYS’s Mimi, took to Instagram to announce that she and husband Phil Galfond are expecting their first child this December. In a lengthy post, the actress, who tied the knot with Galfond on May 15, 2015, revealed that she […]

Kayla gives Steve good news!

Kayla gives Steve good news, but must lie to him. Kayla’s good news for Steve came with Kayla doing some sneaking around. Kayla made a deal with the devil’s son! Yes, Kayla did some private investigating and got the lowdown on what Kate was up to. Now, in return, Steve can get the new age […]

Kate’s Blue Hair Symbolism

Kate Roberts Blue Hair Strand…Why? Kate has worn a blue streak in her hair for quite some time now. many have speculated what it means. Here, she tells you all. Though she can’t get specific regarding storyline details, Koslow did tease that Kate’s blue streak is coming back — and that should tell you something, […]

Lani Holds Her Deceased Baby

R.I.P.  David Abraham Grant. He is Lani Price and David Grant’s  newborn baby pronounced deceased on Days of our Lives. I am very surprised they even shown the baby’s face! Lani was perstsiant on wanting to hold her baby son and her gave him a name. Valerie went back and brought the baby to her […]

Days Hides This Big Secret About EJ!

“Days of our Lives” spoilers is suggesting that viewers may be getting some big news about the possible return of Ej Dimera very soon. So many Days   fans have been wishing and hoping for news about the return of EJ DiMera, formerly portrayed by actor James Scott. EJ was shocking shot and killed by one of Clyde […]

Thrady with Eve and Nicole

Days of Our Lives Thrady with Eve and Nicole   Join us on our facebook page and in our groups!