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Chloe Drops a Bombshell!

Chloe drops a bombshell at Rex and Sarah’s engagement party. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Just as a toast is being offered up, Chloe walks in and drops a bombshell. Rex had just toasted his brother Lucas and his baby when Chloe pulls him aside with important news. She drops a bombshell that baby Bonnie is actually […]

Mimi Lockhart Returns To Salem!

Mimi Lockhart returns to Salem! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! YAY. Mimi Lockhart returns to Salem! Come to find out, the baby that Bonnie has is her daughter Mimi’s. Lucas got the run around trying to find his daughter. After he went to see his child, nobody was at that address. He ran Bonnie back to Salem P.D. […]

Lucas tells Chloe about Bonnie’s claim.

Lucas tells Chloe about Bonnie’s claim. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Lucas see’s Chloe and explains that it was important that Bonnie needed to speak with him. For that reason, he explains that Bonnie wants him to help her stay out of going to jail. Hence, Chloe does not understand. Therefore, he then goes into more detail […]

SPOILER! Bonnie drops a bomb on Lucas!

I TOLD YOU! Bonnie drops a bomb on Lucas! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Remember, I did an article last week of how Bonnie drops a bomb on Lucas.  **KABOOM!**  She is here to tell him that he is a daddy! But, many disbelieved me. Furthermore, the day has come. therefore, I told ya so! And, now we […]

Bonnie Bombshells Lucas! SPOILER ALERT!

Bonnie Bombshells Lucas! (Bonus Jigsaw Puzzle at the bottom) Bombshells happen quite often in Salem but this one is a biggy! We all know that Steve was able to find and capture Bonnie. She never made it back to prison since the Bonnie & Adrianne switch out. He was asked by Adrianne to find her […]