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Nicole Dies! Goodbye Arianna Zucker

Nicole Walker (Arianna Zucker) supposedly dies and  ends her stint on Days of our Lives.  Arianna Zucker has played Nicole Walker throughout the characters life in Salem.  She first appeared in February 27, 1998. Nicole will be leaving Salem in 2018. This character  will be greatly missed but praying for a reprise in time to come. Here […]

Kristen’s Furious With Brady!

Kristen is furious when Brady admits he’s been playing her. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Kristen is furious with Brady because, he followed he to that warehouse and found EJ. Consequently, Xander also found Brady finding EJ. After Xander clobbered him, he took him to Kristen. Brady admitted he did not love her. He only followed her […]

Brady Continues Gaining Kristen’s Trust

Brady Continues Gaining Kristen’s Trust Jigsaw Puzzle Time! As Brady beds Kristen, he continues to gain her trust. Kinda like “sleeping with the enemy” but for positive results. Oh Brady, what are you getting yourself into!? He tells Kristen he will leave town with her. Hence, he has nothing right going on in Salem for […]