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Should Abigail be upset with Chad?

Abigail is upset to find Chad and Gabi in a close moment. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Abigail gets upset when she walks into Chad’s room in the Kiriakis mansion only to find him with Gabi and Ari, in the bed! They were giggling and playing. Therefore, it did not look good to Abigail! Who’s wrong in […]

OH NO! Chad walks out on Abigail!

Chad walks out on Abigail! I didn’t want to believe that Chad walks out on Abigail today but he did! Not being able to come to grips with his own half brother fathered his wife’s baby has Chad leave. Come on Gabi or Kate…tell the truth and bring these 2 love birds back together! Chad, […]

RUMOR? Billy Flynn Was Fired?

Rumor has it that Billy Flynn (Chad DiMera) has been let go as in fired! There seems to be a buzz or rumor floating around.  When asked about their post on a page that made this statement, they deleted my comment! A couple sites are reporting that Billy Flynn yet under contract has been terminated. […]

Abigail carries out her paternity plan!

  Abigail carries out her plan to find out who the father of her baby is. She has to figure out if Chad is her unborn babies daddy or if the evil brother Stefan is. Click on the link below this image to do it as a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces will fit accordingly when […]

Billy Flynn: Then & Now

We all know Billy Flynn from our favorite soap opera Days of Our Lives, but where did he come from and  how did he get here? Days of Our Lives Fan Talk is going to do a little show and tell about the sexy 6′ tall Billy Flynn we know and love as Chad DiMera. […]