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Sami Needs Susan Who Has a Premonition!

Sami Needs Susan Who Has a Premonition! BONUS Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Sami realizes Susan is the key to unlocking the mystery man’s identity.¬† While in the hospital room, Lucas visits Sami and he tells her about his daughter. They discuss the paternity. Lucas has gotten very attached to baby Bonnie. DNA blood test has been […]

Kate Gets News About Baby Bonnie!

Lucas and Chloe break the news to Kate about Baby Bonnie. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Lucas calls kate and asks that she meet him at Doug’s Place. He tells her he has some amazing news. She goes straight there. When presented with the baby, she was quite skeptical then it turned to annoyance because, she was […]

Mimi Lockhart Returns To Salem!

Mimi Lockhart returns to Salem! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! YAY.¬†Mimi Lockhart returns to Salem! Come to find out, the baby that Bonnie has is her daughter Mimi’s. Lucas got the run around trying to find his daughter. After he went to see his child, nobody was at that address. He ran Bonnie back to Salem P.D. […]

Lucas tells Chloe about Bonnie’s claim.

Lucas tells Chloe about Bonnie’s claim. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Lucas see’s Chloe and explains that it was important that Bonnie needed to speak with him. For that reason, he explains that Bonnie wants him to help her stay out of going to jail. Hence, Chloe does not understand. Therefore, he then goes into more detail […]

Wracked with guilt, Eve confesses to Chloe.

Wracked with guilt, Eve admits to Chloe she’s partly responsible for Brady losing custody of Tate. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Eve should feel the guilt for Brady not getting custody and making Theresa furious. Eve and Victor are to blame for the drugs (cocaine) found in JJ’s apartment! Eve confessed to Chloe the plot she had […]

Chloe and Eric talk about Nicole.

Chloe and Eric talk about Nicole. Eric is at Doug’s Place and finds Chloe there. As they talk, Chloe tells him about her situation having to go to court. Which she proceeds to tell him the subject of Nicole was brought up. Eric asks her if she’s heard from Nicole . Chloe responds “no, and […]