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Belle’s Difficult Decision Regarding Marlena!

Belle faces a difficult decision regarding Marlena. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Certainly. what a difficult decision Belle has on her hands! She has to do the right thing and come fourth with Marlena’s will papers. Although, I get what Eric is saying. Maybe, give her a little more time before the plug is pulled. Hence, no […]

Love. Brady Blasts Will About Love?

Brady blasts Will when he overhears him declare his love for Sonny. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! So, Brady overhears a phone conversation. Because Will is telling Sonny he loves him. But, Without warning, Brady blasts Will about what he overheard. Hence, Nobody in Salem has any privacy! Will explains that he now remembers everything especially the […]

JJ & Abigail confide about Gabi

Abigail confides in JJ she thinks Gabi is out to get her. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Thomas is asleep upstairs. Abigail and JJ sit at home together having a popcorn and movie night.  She confides in him that she does not think Gabi is her friend then asks what he thought. consequently, just then, he remembers a […]

Close Moment: Lani & Eli

Lani and Eli have a close moment while working together. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! A close moment came when Lani and Eliu were trying to figure out his notes about the case. Because Lani could not read his penmanship but then, neither could Eli. They began giggling and playful wrestling while she hid his note pad […]

Kayla receives upsetting news about Steve.

Kayla receives upsetting news about Steve. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Roman goes in to inform Kayla some upsetting news that Steve has been arrested by the ISA hence, he was flown to Washington D.C. for espionage. Because, he was caught giving secret plans to other governments.  Furthermore,  who does Kayla think is behind this? Yes, Stefan. […]

Kristen’s Dentures Caught the Bouquet!

So, did Kristen’s dentures catch the bouquet? Jigsaw Puzzle Time! As Sami puts up a struggle with Kristen therefore, her dress flies off along besides, so does that wig. Once “Susan” reveals herself as Kristen, the crowd silenced. You could of heard a pin drop! Sami goes nuts and slaps Kristen upside the face a […]

Shot Fired! Did Sami Shoot Marlena?

Marlena and John’s wedding begins…and ends with a shot. Just as Marlena was about to say “I do”, Sami stumbles in, literally! She is so shot and screaming for Marlena not to get married to John because Marlena will end up dead. Sami begs and pleads with Abe, who is officiating the ceremony,  to not […]

Eve’s Dress Color: Pearl or White?

Eve and Jen argue over the pearl / white dress. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Wow, even at a wedding, Eve and Jennifer carried their feud on.  And because, it was over the attire that Eve wore. A white dress. No wait, Eve says it was a “pearl” colored dress. Hence, their battle of the tongue is […]

MAYHEM! Unexpected Wedding Chaos!

Marlena & John’s Wedding Turns To Mayhem! First off, John sustains a black eye from playing catch baseball with his son Paul in the Horton Square. Who does he remind you of here? Yes, Steve! The Eve and Jennifer Feud Meanwhile, in the square, Eve has words with Jennifer regarding the Nicole matter. Will jennifer […]