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Sami Begs DNA Testing For Mystery Man

Sami asks for Kayla’s help to prove the mystery man is EJ. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Sami begs Kayla to do a fingerprint to prove that the bandaged man is indeed EJ, the love of her life. It’s too risky for the man is burned 90% of his body. She then begs for a blood test […]

Sami & Eric Break Into Xander’s Warehouse

Sami and Eric break into Xander’s warehouse Jigsaw Puzzle Time! The twins finally break into the warehouse! Here’s how it went down… Eric waits for Xander to leave his and Nicole‘s place while Sami finds Kristen’s hotel room. She discovers (after paying $200 an hour to search the room) Brady’s name labeled duffle bag. Eric […]

Stefan Gives Sami This EJ Lead!

Stefan gives Sami a lead on EJ. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Sami just wants a good lead on where EJ is. Stefan needs funds to dump into his diminishing company because stocks are going down. The company is losing money and Sami has the DiMera funds to give back. Kind of a tit-for-tat situation. She is […]

Days Hides This Big Secret About EJ!

“Days of our Lives” spoilers is suggesting that viewers may be getting some big news about the possible return of Ej Dimera very soon. So many Days   fans have been wishing and hoping for news about the return of EJ DiMera, formerly portrayed by actor James Scott. EJ was shocking shot and killed by one of Clyde […]

Abigail and EJ: Lips of an Angel

Anybody who watches Days of Our Lives can remember the love affair between Abigail and EJ. Their love scenes set the tv’s on fire! Days of Our Lives Fan Talk presents you with this tribute video. Enjoy! EJABBY