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All Hell Breaks Loose!

Eric confronts Brady, and all hell breaks loose! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! All hell breaks loose as soon as Brady opens the door. Eric is there to confront him about forcing Nicole to choose between him and Holly. Eric beats the snot out of Brady. Eve just knows her time is coming. Especially, since there is […]

Kristen Strikes a Nerve in Brady!

Kristen strikes a nerve in Brady! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Kristen strikes many nerves in Brady but not telling him where she’s hidden his bride to be Eve, strikes a major nerve! Brady is so in love with Eve and it is tearing him up thinking she is in danger as Kristen says there is a […]

Tensions arise at Tate’s custody hearing.

Tensions arise among Theresa, Eve and Brady at Tate’s custody hearing. Glad to see that JJ went with Theresa to her custody hearing against Brady. Brady, of course, had Eve at his side. The tensions rearedĀ  as they gathered for the hearing. TheĀ  rivalry before the trial did not help matters as Justin calmed them […]