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Eve’s Dress Color: Pearl or White?

Eve and Jen argue over the pearl / white dress. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Wow, even at a wedding, Eve and Jennifer carried their feud on.  And because, it was over the attire that Eve wore. A white dress. No wait, Eve says it was a “pearl” colored dress. Hence, their battle of the tongue is […]

Jennifer is tempted to confess all to Eric.

Jennifer is tempted to confess all to Eric. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Jennifer is so tempted to spill it all to eric about Brady and Nicole. Eric arrives at jennifer’s house full of love and happiness. Jennifer greets him saying how she must tell him something. It was not what us viewers wanted Eric to know, […]

Eric unexpectedly proposes to Jennifer!

Eric proposes to Jennifer. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Eric proposes to Jennifer. She could not answer right away with so much on her mind about Nicole but after speaking with Eve, Jennifer found Eric at the Brady Pub and said YES! Another wedding in Salem? Will Jen go through with it? You can do this image […]