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Electric Moment Between JJ & Gabi!

JJ and Gabi have an electric moment. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Jj and Gabi shared what seemed an electric moment after they left the DiMera mansion. They were there looking for Abigail. She happen to walk in with Stefan , who, was none to pleased that they were in his home. JJ immediately phoned Jennifer. She […]

Jennifer, Don’t Tell Him Anything!

Jennifer should just shut up about Abigail/Gabby! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Jennifer warns Stefan to stay away from Abigail. She should just shut up and not tell Stefan anything when it comes to her daughter! She’s already told him too much. Now, he finds Gabby (with a y) on his couch in his home. This isn’t […]

Eve Makes a Huge Confession to Brady.

Eve makes a huge confession to Brady. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Jennifer went to the Salem Inn to give find Eric. She also has a confession to give! Eve and Brady are in their place at the Salem Inn and there is a knock at the door. It’s Jennifer asking to speak with Brady. He finally […]

All Hell Breaks Loose!

Eric confronts Brady, and all hell breaks loose! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! All hell breaks loose as soon as Brady opens the door. Eric is there to confront him about forcing Nicole to choose between him and Holly. Eric beats the snot out of Brady. Eve just knows her time is coming. Especially, since there is […]