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Electric Moment Between JJ & Gabi!

JJ and Gabi have an electric moment. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Jj and Gabi shared what seemed an electric moment after they left the DiMera mansion. They were there looking for Abigail. She happen to walk in with Stefan , who, was none to pleased that they were in his home. JJ immediately phoned Jennifer. She […]

The Set Up: Abigail Confides To JJ

Abigail confides to JJ she thinks it’s a set up by Gabi! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Yes, it’s a set up! Abigail finally puts two and two together. She confides in JJ how she feels Gabi is setting her up. Abigail feels like herself and not like when her alters would come out. The wig was […]

JJ & Abigail confide about Gabi

Abigail confides in JJ she thinks Gabi is out to get her. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Thomas is asleep upstairs. Abigail and JJ sit at home together having a popcorn and movie night.  She confides in him that she does not think Gabi is her friend then asks what he thought. consequently, just then, he remembers a […]

A vengeful Gabi vents to JJ.

A vengeful Gabi vents to JJ about the losses she suffered while in prison. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Gabi is very vengeful! She is out to make Stefan and Abigail as miserable or if not more miserable than what she endured going to prison for a crime they committed! How much longer will she let them […]

JJ makes a stunning announcement at the hearing.

JJ makes a stunning announcement at the hearing. Jigsaw Puzzle Time At the custody hearing regarding Tate, JJ stands up to make a stunning announcement about who’s drugs those are that were found in his apartment. We all know they are not JJ’s but were planted there by the court appointed inspector hired by Victor. […]

With Victor’s help, Eve plots to help Brady

With Victor’s help, Eve plots to help Brady win the custody battle against Theresa. Jigsaw Puzzle! Eve plots with Victor secretly. Brady has no clue what they are up to.  When Victor and Eve discover the recording of Nicole confessing killing Deimos is gone, Eve tears apart the hotel room in search of it. It […]

JJ visits Lani as she mourns.

JJ visits Lani as she mourns the loss of her baby. Lani mourns as JJ gives her comforting words. Lani speaks  about David Abraham and how she just wants him to know he was loved.. What JJ says , she retained and accepted seemingly to calm her. The flowers Jj brought are beautiful. Click this link […]