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Catch These Days Halloween Innuendos?

Days of our Lives put on a spectacular Halloween episode for us! I think they all had us at first thinking Marlena/Hattie was getting out of the hospital but it all started with Hope and Rafe accusing her of a crime! The rest…really made us laugh! But, there were a few innuendos that might of […]

Kristen Bursts In Marlena’s Hospital Room!

Kristen Bursts In Marlena’s Hospital Room! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Kristen bursts in Marlena’s hospital room, ready to finish the job. When Hattie seen her she got all panicky denying she was Marlena.  After spilling her guts to Kristen, she realized this woman was not the target she was after. You would of thought that Kristen […]

Switcheroo: John’s Plan Saved Marlena!

John reveals his switcheroo plan to save Marlena. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! I bet you all were all sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for Marlena to show any signs of life! The switcheroo worked! And when the mouth opened and she spoke, I knew that was Hattie! Marlena has a much softer and […]

Marlena SPOILER, This Really You?

Marlena took the bullet shot from the gun Sami was tossed by Kristen. But, is that really her? Marlena Recall, Marlena was late for her wedding. Also, she has a double. You all know her! Hattie is still out and about. Seems Salem’s State Prison has a hard time keeping their inmate’s locked up! Hattie […]

Devastating news delivered to Paul.

Paul receives devastating news. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Paul receives devastating news from Kayla. Because, the fall he sustained falling from the 3rd floor window with Kristen has left him paralyzed. Maybe, unable to ever walk again. Therefore, he has no feelings in his legs. Also, Roman was there to hear this  devastating news with him. Consequently, […]

Belle’s Difficult Decision Regarding Marlena!

Belle faces a difficult decision regarding Marlena. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Certainly. what a difficult decision Belle has on her hands! She has to do the right thing and come fourth with Marlena’s will papers. Although, I get what Eric is saying. Maybe, give her a little more time before the plug is pulled. Hence, no […]

Shot Fired! Did Sami Shoot Marlena?

Marlena and John’s wedding begins…and ends with a shot. Just as Marlena was about to say “I do”, Sami stumbles in, literally! She is so shot and screaming for Marlena not to get married to John because Marlena will end up dead. Sami begs and pleads with Abe, who is officiating the ceremony,  to not […]

Nightmare of Marlena’s Wedding!

Marlena has a terrible nightmare about her wedding. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! We all knew it had to be a nightmare when Valerie was the one that was going to sing. But, Marlena sure had a doozy of a nightmare! For one thing,  there was hardly any guests. Secondly, their lingo was way out of character. […]

Wedding Dress Superstition

Marlena is upset when John sees her in her wedding dress. There is a superstition that the groom is never to see his bride in her wedding dress until she walks down the aisle. John walked in on Marlena when she was trying on her’s. She had a fit because of the old superstition. They are […]