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Sami & Eric Break Into Xander’s Warehouse

Sami and Eric break into Xander’s warehouse Jigsaw Puzzle Time! The twins finally break into the warehouse! Here’s how it went down… Eric waits for Xander to leave his and Nicole‘s place while Sami finds Kristen’s hotel room. She discovers (after paying $200 an hour to search the room) Brady’s name labeled duffle bag. Eric […]

OMG, Did Kristen Really Convince Brady?

Kristen tries to convince Brady to run away with her. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! First of all, Kristen shows up on Brady’s door step to, hence,  convince him she is the right woman for him. Because, all others he has loved,  for better part of a word, crapped on him. Also, she tells him she will […]

Revenge! Kristen’s After Marlena!

Revenge! Kristen’s After Marlena! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Kristen prepares to exact her revenge on Marlena! First of all, Kristen taunts Marlena with her jealousy and reasons she hates her so much. Because, Marlena took John from her and then Brady too. Kayla shows up just in time to stop Kristen. She checks the monitors that […]