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Close Moment: Lani & Eli

Lani and Eli have a close moment while working together. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! A close moment came when Lani and Eliu were trying to figure out his notes about the case. Because Lani could not read his penmanship but then, neither could Eli. They began giggling and playful wrestling while she hid his note pad […]

JJ visits Lani as she mourns.

JJ visits Lani as she mourns the loss of her baby. Lani mourns as JJ gives her comforting words. Lani speaks  about David Abraham and how she just wants him to know he was loved.. What JJ says , she retained and accepted seemingly to calm her. The flowers Jj brought are beautiful. Click this link […]

Confirmed: Lani’s Baby Dies!

It has been CONFIRMED! The week of June 18, 2018, it is confirmed that  Lani will lose her  baby. Lani will be forced to delivery early. Way to early! Sadly, the baby conceived as a one night  stand with Eli Grant doesn’t  survive. This could open the door for a reuniting of Lani & JJ […]