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Devastating news delivered to Paul.

Paul receives devastating news. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Paul receives devastating news from Kayla. Because, the fall he sustained falling from the 3rd floor window with Kristen has left him paralyzed. Maybe, unable to ever walk again. Therefore, he has no feelings in his legs. Also, Roman was there to hear this  devastating news with him. Consequently, […]

Kayla receives upsetting news about Steve.

Kayla receives upsetting news about Steve. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Roman goes in to inform Kayla some upsetting news that Steve has been arrested by the ISA hence, he was flown to Washington D.C. for espionage. Because, he was caught giving secret plans to other governments.  Furthermore,  who does Kayla think is behind this? Yes, Stefan. […]

Nightmare of Marlena’s Wedding!

Marlena has a terrible nightmare about her wedding. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! We all knew it had to be a nightmare when Valerie was the one that was going to sing. But, Marlena sure had a doozy of a nightmare! For one thing,  there was hardly any guests. Secondly, their lingo was way out of character. […]