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Stefan pressures Kate to deliver the goods.

Stefan pressures Kate to deliver the goods. Jigsaw Puzzle Time Stefan pressures Kate into getting hard evidence on Titan so he can ruin Chad and Titan. He thinks he has Kate right where he wants her but somehow, Kate always comes out on top smelling like a rose.  He wants everything Chad has including Gabby…with […]

Salem Shocker: Who’s Abigail’s Baby Daddy?

It’s one Salem Shocker after another! Salem is so full of family & friend drama but a real Salem shocker is about to get the DeMira family feuding yet again! A Salem shocker is about to happen. As one baby dies, another baby is going to be announced. We’ve speculated that Sami will stroll into […]

Days Fan Event Coming Soon!

The Ultimate Clash of the DiMera’s Fan Event! The Make-A-Wish Foundation is sponsering “The Ultimate Clash of the DiMera’s” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on May 5, 2018. If you live near by there or are up for the travel you can see days of Our Lives Billy Flynn (Chad DeMira) and Tyler Christopher (Stefan DeMira) […]