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Shot Fired! Did Sami Shoot Marlena?

Marlena and John’s wedding begins…and ends with a shot. Just as Marlena was about to say “I do”, Sami stumbles in, literally! She is so shot and screaming for Marlena not to get married to John because Marlena will end up dead. Sami begs and pleads with Abe, who is officiating the ceremony,  to not […]

Nightmare of Marlena’s Wedding!

Marlena has a terrible nightmare about her wedding. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! We all knew it had to be a nightmare when Valerie was the one that was going to sing. But, Marlena sure had a doozy of a nightmare! For one thing,  there was hardly any guests. Secondly, their lingo was way out of character. […]

Susan Banks Returns to Salem!

Susan Banks Returns! Yes, the fun ditsy Susan Banks rolled into Salem today and just in time for Marlena’s wedding shower! She was the one who gave Marlena the exact replica wedding doll as her wedding gift.  Thoughtful yet creepy to say the least. Susan came to Salem as far as we know to get […]