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Truth Revealed About Victor and Eve!

Jennifer gets the truth from Victor about drugs he and Eve planted! Jigsaw Puzzle Time! The truth comes out! Jennifer walked in the Kiriakis mansion and hears Eve tell Victor “she knows how to handle Jennifer”. Jen insisted to know what was being talked about and Victor spills the beans about him and Eve planting […]

Theresa receives devastating news!

Theresa receives devastating news, which prompts her to leave Salem. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! When Roman got the devastating call that Kimberly’s Leukemia had returned and she was going into intense treatment, Theresa was leaving to go to California with Tate so be at her Mothers and Fathers side. Brady see’s her with packed bags and […]

Wracked with guilt, Eve confesses to Chloe.

Wracked with guilt, Eve admits to Chloe she’s partly responsible for Brady losing custody of Tate. Jigsaw Puzzle Time! Eve should feel the guilt for Brady not getting custody and making Theresa furious. Eve and Victor are to blame for the drugs (cocaine) found in JJ’s apartment! Eve confessed to Chloe the plot she had […]