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Tensions arise at Tate’s custody hearing.

Tensions arise among Theresa, Eve and Brady at Tate’s custody hearing. Glad to see that JJ went with Theresa to her custody hearing against Brady. Brady, of course, had Eve at his side. The tensions reared  as they gathered for the hearing. The  rivalry before the trial did not help matters as Justin calmed them […]

Thrady with Eve and Nicole

Days of Our Lives Thrady with Eve and Nicole   Join us on our facebook page and in our groups!

Rihanna’s “Stay”, Theresa & Brady Video

We all want to know if “THRADY” will stay a couple or not. It’s not looking too good for Theresa! It took Theresa a long time to win Brady’s love.  Their romance was off to a rocky start with booze and alcohol involved. Then once Theresa had it all, she was summoned by Mateo the […]